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About Soundcloud

Soundcloud is web service for music streaming. Lot of musicians using this service to promote their music to users of Soundcloud. There are musicians like Moby, Drake, Ed Sheeran, Pitbull and many others. The service has been originally introduced in Stockholm by Alex Ljung and Eric Wahlforss. Uploaded songs are available for streaming to all Soundcloud users around the world.

Forbidden Society - Let It Roll 2016 - Neurofunk/Heavy Mix


Czech producer Forbidden Society bringing the heavy to this year's official Let It Roll promo mixes. Get ready for his set! 1.Forbidden Society - Street Justice [FSRECS] 2.Agressor Bunx - Infinity [Eatbrain] 3.Forbidden Society - NYC Punk [FSRECS] 4.Katharsys - Discipline [FSRECS DUB] 5.The Upbeats - Doom [Vision] 6.Killer Industries - Destroyed [FSRECS DUB] 7.Audio & Prolix - Creatures Feat.Nuklear MC [RAM] 8.S9 - Warehouse [Titan] 9.Forbidden Society - Sellout [FSRECS] 10.Mefjus, The_Upbeats & Insideinfo - Leibniz [Virus] 11.BTK - Megahertz (L33 Remix) [Dutty Audio Dub] 12.Donny - Moster [Dub] 13.Fortitude & Robyn Chaos - Broadmoor Blues (Counterstrike remix) [Therapy Sessions] 14.Katharsys - TBA [Dub] 15.L33 - Rei [Eatbrain] 16.Optiv & BTK - Scientist (featuring MC Fokus) (Forbidden Society RMX)[Dutty Audio Dub] 17.Agressor Bunx - Time Shif [Program] 18.The Clamps - Nerves [Trendkill] 19.Neonlight - Microbots [Blackout] 20.Mefjus - Blitz [Neosignal] 21.Katharsys - Dead Never Stay Dead [FSRECS DUB] 22.Emperor - Haste [Critical] 23.Gydra - Nailsbucket [Eatbrain] 24.Misanthrop - Collapse [RAM] 25.Katharsys - Subsiders [DUB] 26.Forbidden Society - Boycott [FSRECS] 27.Black Sun Empire & State of Mind - Kill That Noise [Blackout] 28.The Upbeats - Elevator [Vision] 29.Mefjus - Godzilla feat.DOPE DOD (Audio remix) [Critical] 30.Telekinesis feat Coppa - Fight Club (Pythius Remix) [Blackout] 31.Kemal - Hostile (LOD VIP)[No Release] 32.L 33 - Electroshock [Eatbrain] 33.Katharsys - Brain Implant [FSRECS DUB] 34.Audio - Ultron (Mefjus remix) [RAM] 35.Current Value - Pneumatics [Critical] 36.Neonlight - Rascals [Blackout] 37.A-Cray - Rage Quit [Titan] 38.Forbidden Society - Cobra [FSRECS] 39.Katharsys & Multiprogram - Forever Undefined [DUB] 40.Windpipe Feat.Ragga Twins (Emperor Remix) [Disciple] 41.The Outside Agency & N-Vitral - Sam's Gospel [Genosha 175] 42.Forbidden Society - Untitled [DUB] 43.June Miller & Mefjus - Saus [RAM] 44.Gorebug - You Can See Them [Mental Disorder] 45.Forbidden Society - Grinder [Dub] 46.Faith In Chaos - Possession (Kemal & Rob Data Remix) [Outbreak] 47.Ed Rush & Optical - Custlo (Locuste Mix) FS Hype Up [No Release] 48.Technical Itch - Analysis [Moving Shadow]

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