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About Vimeo

Vimeo is web service for video streaming. Vimeo is YouTube competitor. Lots of Vimeo content is created by art enthusiasts which can share their work each other for free with other users. It is possible to leave feedback with comments also as on YouTube. Vimeo has been founded by film enthusiast Jakob Lodwick and Zach Klein in 2004. Nowadays IAC/InterActiveCorp is owner with headcounter in New York and Portland.



First shoot with the elegantly beauitful and super fun and very lovely Petra. Petra and I actually spoke over a year ago before she flew to Canada for a year trip on shoots and returned not long ago. We spoke about doing this lingerie idea for that whole time and finally was able to do this. I really took my time on this piece making sure the scope framing was within the outlines, double checking white balance and shot in LOG and Petra who actually never done video before just catwalks and photo shoots was amazing and seemed like she done video all her life. She also has great knowledge on video making which we chatted about for hours on end and also the natural light was so perfect I could not have been happier. This video is almost close to how I want all my videos to look but with anamorphic lenses which i am looking into. Overalll this is one of my own personal favourites. MUSIC: Dawn by Sappheiros Filmed on the GH5s in V-LOG L Cinema 4K at 24fps with an ISO of 400 to 800 but mainly 400. Lenses used were the Laowa 7.5mm lens, Leica 15mm lens and the Leica 25mm lens all at F2 to F2,8 aperture. I will also say for everyone please be safe during this time as I have known at least 2 people who had the virus one still has it and is in critical condition so please be wary of yourself and others. I will edit old video footage which I gave up on to keep my time busy. Stay safe and please keep washing hands continuously and try to be at least good distance from everyone if you are not isolated

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