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YouTube is one of the biggest servers for sharing video files. This server was established in 2005 by PayPal employees and right after that in 2006 YouTube was purchased by Google for 1.6 billion dollars. In the early beginning YouTube was there for publishing mostly home videos as time went on there was added music videos or movies. Nowadays we cannot ignore the new phenomenon of YouTubers. These young filmmakers of themed videos are building a community of his fans through his profile on YouTube. Their fans can subscribe to new videos, comment, etc. Around YouTubers there is formed a large community of fans. And there is possibility that some YouTubers will become a classic mainstream celebrity. For example we can mention some Czech YouTube celebritiesโ€™ tvtwixx, teri blitzen, FattyPillowTV, or worldwide know Olga Kay. We can say YouTube is indispensable service in nowadays internet. In 2015 YouTube has 2 billion active users per day. And every minute users upload 300 hours of new videos. YouTube is the second most popular service of the world. Video with the most views is Gangnam style from South Korean rapper PSY. Currently it has 2.4 billion views.

Help - How to download from Youtube

Do you need help? It is very easy to download online video from Youtube by using Savido.

  1. Copy URL address of video on Youtube site
  2. Paste this address into form located on top of the page and click on "Download".
  3. In the next step please select quality of video you want to download.
  4. Selected file will trigger downloading automatically to your computer. Please wait until video will be downloaded.
If you are not still 100% sure how to download video from Youtube. We prepated video tutorial for you.

You can try downloading from Youtube on video example PSY - GANGNAM STYLE or you can try one of the latest videos bellow.