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YouTube is one of the biggest servers for sharing video files. This server was established in 2005 by PayPal employees and right after that in 2006 YouTube was purchased by Google for 1.6 billion dollars. In the early beginning YouTube was there for publishing mostly home videos as time went on there was added music videos or movies. Nowadays we cannot ignore the new phenomenon of YouTubers. These young filmmakers of themed videos are building a community of his fans through his profile on YouTube. Their fans can subscribe to new videos, comment, etc. Around YouTubers there is formed a large community of fans. And there is possibility that some YouTubers will become a classic mainstream celebrity. For example we can mention some Czech YouTube celebrities’ tvtwixx, teri blitzen, FattyPillowTV, or worldwide know Olga Kay. We can say YouTube is indispensable service in nowadays internet. In 2015 YouTube has 2 billion active users per day. And every minute users upload 300 hours of new videos. YouTube is the second most popular service of the world. Video with the most views is Gangnam style from South Korean rapper PSY. Currently it has 2.4 billion views.


Soundcloud is web service for music distribution. It is often used by not well known interprets for sharing music, although nowadays there can be found well known interprets as well. For example Moby, Drake, Ed Sheeran, Pitbull. This service was originally introduced in Stockholm and founders are Alex Ljung and Eric Wahlforss. On Soundcloud is possible to upload own recordings (music or spoken word). Stored files are available for streaming all people around the world thru the internet. In 2010 Soundcloud announced about one million of uploading users.


Vimeo is web service witch allows sharing audio files. Although can be thought that Vimeo is comptetition to Youtube, it have differend character. Vimeo is focused on art community against mass used Youtube. Vimeo is specialy designed form film making enthusiast and experimentator witch can share their production each other for free with othe users. It is possible to leave feedback with comments also as Youtube. Vimeo was founded by film enthusiast Jakob Lodwick and Zach Klein in 2004. Nowdays is owner IAC/InterActiveCorp, the headcounter is in New Yourk and Portland. Community of Vimeo is growing and in 2009 there was about 2 200 000 users. Every day is uploaded about 17 000 movies and more than 70 000 HD videos (data from 2009). Dayli use Vimeo about 650 000 unique users.


VEVO is website with music videos. Officialy was started at 2009, owner of this website is Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Abu Dhabi Media. Videos from VEVO are published thru Youtube steraming service from Google and share their own revenues with this service from advertisment. Exept advertisement there is another income source via recommending to buy sond via Amazon MP3 and iTunes. Via VEVO there was more than 45 000 published videos. The number of artists is still groving, for example there is Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna, LMFAO, Justin Bieber and many more. Every day about 50 milions visitors visit VEVO videos, for this reason it is very important partner for Youtube.


Mixcloud is British service for streaming music. It is focus on longer recordings as DJ mixs, podcasts, radio shows and many more. It was founded in London 2008 by friends from Univeristy of Cambridge - Nikhil Shah and Nice Perez. It is interesinf to note, that Mixcloud use wide spectrum of artists, from not well known to well know for example Wired, Harvard Busines School, TED Talks and Barack Obama. In 2012 Mixcloud anounced about 3 milions of active users. This service has great potential for future, because podcast streaming is on rise.


Facebook nowadays it is the most widely used social network in the world for communicating between peoples, sharing files, images and statuses. Facebook has 1.5 billion active users. Facebook name originated from paper leaflets so-called "Facebooks" which are distributed to freshmen at American universities. Leaflets are used to introduce students to each other. Facebook was founded by former Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg. Originally it was used only for communication students at Harvard University under the domain thefacebook.com, but it gradually grew into a form in which we know it today. Each day will be added approximately 450,000 new users. It currently contains 140 billion Facebook photos (each day is recorded at Facebook about 200 million photos).


Stream.cz is a Czech leader in straming videos. Stream.cz was founded in 2006 by company Global Inspiration as platform for profesional content, users and music content. Stream produce its own content and contain also include content from other TVs like TV Prima and Óčko TV. In 2014 started to make own production, one of the first shows was documentary show Jídlo s.r.o. witch uncover unhealthy food on Czech markets and explain making of lots of food production. Another succes show was motivational show "Restart of life" from Lenka Černá. Except website, there is also mobile aplication from Stream.cz for streamin content on mobile devices (won award in Media category in 2015).


Freevideo is czech portal with pornografic material. This portal was founded in 2003 and nowdays is most visited erotic portal in Czech republic and Slovak republic. Portal contains free porno movies and many photograpies, content can be filtered by selesting various cattegories. There is also section with amateur fotographies and links on profesional czech production as series Blechovy, Rychlýprachy and many more.


Instagram is aplication for iOS, Android and Windows Phone witch allows users easyli to create and share photos and videos. Instagram was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in moment when their get budget to realize this project. First aplication on Appstore (Apple) was released in 2010, next in 20012 was realeased wersion for Android (Google) too. In the same year 2012 Mark Zuckerberg planes for aquisition with Facebook for 1 miliard dolars. Main diferenc is easy filters for use, witch can be applied on photo in second and professional looking foto can be created wery easy. Another difference is that instragram use square ratio for photos, it is as legacy for old succes photoaparats as Kodak or Polaroid. App can be also connected with Facebook, Twitter or Flickr for easy sharing on this sites. Aplication is very popular. Numbers of users after 11 mounths from beggining of service is 9 milion.


TED talks are speechs from conferention TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design). It is everyear conferencion organised in several cities around the world. It was founded in 1984 by Richard Saul Wurman and Harr y Marks. From 1990 this conferention is organised reguraly. Main idea of TED is "ideas worth spreading". On these speechs are invited many peoples from different parts like science, art, desing, politics, education, culture, byznis, global questions and fun. TED websited hosts more than 1400 TED talks witch can be watched for free online. From 2009 there is possibility to get licence for making local conference witch name is TEDx merged with name of city where is conferention organised. For example TEDxPrague or TEDxBrno. In April 2009 there was about 15 milions of people with wathed more than 100 milions of TED Talks recording (for many recorded speechs there are possibility to turn on subtitles).


CollegeHumor is american internet server with funny videos. Website was founded in 1999 by Josh Abramson and Ricky Van Veen. It contains comemdial production as videos, articles, but also amateur production from users. Unther the bran CollegeHumor Originals there are published commedial animated and clasic videos. For example well konow shows are Jake and Amir, Very Mary-Kate, Everyday Acting or Dinosaur Office. Website was nominated in 2007 on Webby Award and some of sketchs got this Award (for Example Pixar Intro Parody).


Redtube is pornographic website based on principe Youtube. This website was started in 2007 and thru the times it become most popular website with pornographic materials. The owner of website is Jimmy Lee. Website contain mostly free porn movies witch can be filtered by chossing from many categories. In 2009 Redtube, YouPorn and Pornhub anounced anout 100 milions of unique visitors.


This is pornographic web service with the similar principle as Youtube. This page allows to watch porn movies for free, it is possible to browse thru various categories.


YouPorn is the one of many pornographic web services. This page allows to watch porn movies for free, it is possible to browse thru various categories. In 2009 Redtube, YouPorn and PornHub together achieved 100 million of unique visitors.


xHamster is one of the many pornographic web services, this service was founded in 2007. This page allows to watch porn movies for free, it is possible to browse thru various categories.


PornHub is one of the many pornographic web services. This page allows to watch porn movies for free, it is possible to browse thru various categories. In 2009 Redtube, YouPorn and PornHub together achieved 100 million of unique visitors.


AlphaPorno is one of the many pornographic web services. This page allows to watch porn movies for free, it is possible to browse thru various categories. In 2009 Redtube, YouPorn and PornHub together achieved 100 million of unique visitors.


Tube8 is the one of many pornographic web services. It works in similar way as Redtube. This page allows to watch porn movies for free, it is possible to browse thru various categories.


Motherless is pornographic web page with wide range of pornographic content. All content of this page is created by users only. This webpage contains amateur porn movies, profesional porn movies and also photos. Pages can be filtered very effective by created categories for easy reach demanded content. Community under this page is quite big and still growing. Users uploaded 23 milions of porn photos and videos yet.