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Stream.cz is a Czech leader in straming videos. Stream.cz was founded in 2006 by company Global Inspiration as platform for profesional content, users and music content. Stream produce its own content and contain also include content from other TVs like TV Prima and Óčko TV. In 2014 started to make own production, one of the first shows was documentary show Jídlo s.r.o. witch uncover unhealthy food on Czech markets and explain making of lots of food production. Another succes show was motivational show "Restart of life" from Lenka Černá. Except website, there is also mobile aplication from Stream.cz for streamin content on mobile devices (won award in Media category in 2015).

Help - How to download from Stream

Do you need help? It is very easy to download online video from Stream.cz by using Savido.

  1. Copy URL address of video on Stream.cz site
  2. Paste this address into form located on top of the page and click on "Download".
  3. In the next step please select quality of video you want to download.
  4. Selected file will trigger downloading automatically to your computer. Please wait until video will be downloaded.
If you are not still 100% sure how to download video from Youtube. We prepated video tutorial for you.

You can try downloading from Stream.cz on video example Ničení povoleno: Malá Beretta or you can try one of the latest videos bellow.