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Two Steps From Hell - Heart of Courage

© ALL Credits go to respective rightful owners ! Thank you ! Composed by #ThomasBergersen #TwoStepsFromHell #HeartOfCourage - Extreme Music/2 Steps from Hell - Thomas Bergersen / Nick Phoenix - Epic Elite On behalf of: 2 Steps From Hell Visual content 2:08 - 2:56 - A&E " Heart of Courage " The promise Redemption This time we fight for freedom The dreamer Awaking Shattered by love The courage Together We lean against destruction Salvation, remission Wait,my new world We take it We save it Our hearts unite each other The one who dies with you Follow your path soldier We face it, we save it Until our last breath fading Wherever, don't matter Burning love for Gaia! ............................................... This video is for recreational purposes only. All music and images and movie clips belong to their rightful owners. I do not own anything in the video, no copyright infringement intended.

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I saw many of you wanted to hear some more kulning/ancient herdingcalls, and one night this week I got the inspiration for a new song. A lullaby for the winter. A song to express my love and gratefulness for the winter that gave me all this magical moments during these 6 months. But also, a song to let it go. To let go of the cold and the dark, and welcome a new time of light and warmth. This song is for the winter, and for all of you out there ♥ Let the ancient tones go right through your soul and carry away all the heaviness in your heart. All the worry. All the things that hold you back. Let it melt down, back to the earth, just like the snow in the spring. Let it become water to nurture your new beginning. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WATCHING ♥ ► MUSIC Instrumental/Nyckelharpa (The oldest instrument in Sweden) by my friend and producer: Mattis Vocals/kulning by me. ► WHAT IS KULNING? The singing technique called "kulning" is an ancient Nordic herdingcall, that was used by women long time ago to call home the cattle (the cows and the goats) back home to the farm in the evenings. It was also used as a form of communication, since the high pitch sounds can be heard through very far distances. Want to hear more kulning? Check out my playlist here: ► SOCIAL MEDIA AND LINKS! • Instagram: @jonnajinton • Patreon - • Facebook Page - • Print/paintings webshop: • Jewelry webshop: • Blog:

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How to Breathe in Butterfly


Round 4: Week 7 This video teaches you the best Butterfly breathing technique using a creative (and sometimes funny) way! Jonny Nitro combines his swim coaching expertise with his creativity and sense of humor to design these videos. All are welcome! Sharing is encouraged :) If you want to support my channel, click this link to leave me a tip on my Patreon page! Please support me by watching the ads all the way through! If you skip them, I don't get paid for your view :( You may also support me with monetary gifts in the super chat during livestreams. If you're interested in sponsoring my channel or ad placements, please contact me at Please don't forget to like this video, subscribe to my channel, and click the bell icon to watch the best swimming techniques on YouTube. Share this video with your friends and family so they can learn swimming, too! Support me through Patreon Like and follow us on Facebook Nitro Jonny (me) Follow us on Twitter Nitro Jonny (me) Follow us on Instagram Nitro Jonny (me) Sasha Follow me on Reddit Jonny (me) Our Official Website Nitro Also Check Out

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