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Mỹ Tâm - Giọt Sương (THE DEWDROP)

Music Video by My Tam performing "Giọt Sương (THE DEWDROP)". ©2006 Nurimaru Pictures & MT Entertainment Records. All rights reserved - Composer: Seong Woo Seok - Writer: Seong Woo Seok - Arranger: Choi Su Yeong - Vietnamese Writer: My Tam - Executive Producer: Kim Dae Cha - Producer: Cho Sung Jin - Director: Cho Sung Jin, My Tam - Recording Studio: Creav Sound - Guitar: Ham Chun Ho, Hong Jun Ho - Drum: Kang Su Ho - Piano: Gil Eun Kyeong - Saxophone: Quang Trung - Chorus: Kim Hyeon A, My Tam, Cadilac - Rap: Deny - Music Video: Shift - Stylist: Jo Won Jin - Hair & Make up: JUNG SAEM MOOL HAIR & MAKE UP - Production Director: Chau Hoan Dung - Director: Huynh Tiet FOLLOW MỸ TÂM: ☞ Facebook: ☞ YouTube: ☞ Website: ☞ Google+ Page: ☞ Flickr: ☞ iTunes: ☞ Amazon Mp3: FOLLOW MT ENTERTAINMENT: ☞ Facebook: ☞ Flickr:

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