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Video by angievarona

Today’s workout was a hamstring/glute focus! I’m trying to build these Hammies to balance out my quads ! Warm up : 100 leg curls- lightweight just feel the burn Work out: - Sumo leg dead lift 3 x 10/12 - Single leg dumb bell dead lift 3 x 15 - ———— super set double leg dumb bell dead lift 3x 15 - Good mornings 3 x 15 - Seated leg curl 3 x 12 - Glute bridge 3 x 15 - Curtesy squats 3 x15 Sports bra: @BangRevolution.Apparel Preworkout: @Redline_Energy Follow the ceo: @BangEnergy.CEO #BangEnergy #EnergyDrink #redline #workout #fitness #legdayeveryday #glutes

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