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Aura's Bath

A little view of what Aura's bathtime is like. Plus some funny bloopers ;) Hope you enjoy! :)

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This is the eighth of eight story interstitials within the Cryptaris simulated mission experience. This final interstitial picks up after a user has successfully completed the Access Intel challenge and has completed the entire mission. This film is a combination of a recap of the mission as well as a reveal of the intentions behind the launch and payload. Cryptaris is a narrative mission comprised of 8 motion graphic interstitials and 7 WebGL games, each testing the user on an array of STEM skills that are required for the U.S. Army’s most unique career opportunities. My roles on this interstitial were to concept, creative direct, direct, style frame, design, animate 80% of the film, and give motion & animation direction on all aspects of the film from start to finish. Interstitial 08 Credits_ Production: Tool of North America Dustin Callif : Managing Partner Digital Chris Neff : Executive Producer, Concepting Michael Sevilla : Lead Creative Direction, Concepting, Writing, Lead Designer, Style Frames, Lead Motion Design & Animation, Camera Animation, 3D, VO Ben Priddy : Creative Direction, Concepting Adam Baskin : Senior Producer, Concepting, Writing, VO Josh Jetson : ACD, UI & Type Animations, Camera Animation, Design Seth Benson : UI & Type Animations, Camera Animation, Design Yue Seo : Army logo animation Charlie Short : Creative Writer Sound : Plan 8 Client: U.S. Army Agencies: Universal McCann, MRM

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