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The Star Wars Holiday Special - WATCHABLE Edition HD [720p]


Episode IV.5 is now here! Often discussed but seldom seen, the Star Wars Holiday Special is a uniquely bad entry into the series. At 90 minutes long and featuring numerous song, dance, and comedy acts it is more Star Wars themed variety show than it is follow-up to A New Hope. But a follow up it is - not the sequel Star Wars fans deserved in 1978, but the one they received. Buried in the original release, however, is a simple but story set between the original Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back - the story of a family torn apart by Galactic Civil War and the hope that was created when the Death Star was destroyed. Star Wars: A Holiday Story is a top-to-bottom re-edit of the Holiday special by pop culture historian Dr. Darren R. Reid. A piece of "filmic archaeology" It is designed to recover this lost Star Wars story from within the sprawling original release. Cut from 90 minutes to 25, and using only material found in the original release (from the highest quality tapes available), A Holiday Story aims to create a watchable Star Wars adventure that can sit within the series' existing continuity. Alterations: - All variety performances, tangental material, song and dance numbers have been removed. - In-scene editing has been sharpened considerably, adding a greater sense of pace to the action. - Creation of a new title roll which places A Holiday Story firmly between the events of the original Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back. - The Wookie family dynamics have been altered. Mala is now Chewbacca's sister and Lumpy is now his nephew, for reasons of continuity. Family dynamics were reworked in the reunion scene and all references to Chewbacca being Lumpy's father have been removed. One reference to Lumpy's father remains, but this now refers to a character who is not seen and, from the context of that scene, we might infer that he was killed by the empire. - In-sequence editing designed to improve the pacing of the film and to cover-up the original actors occasionally looking bored.

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