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My Morning Routine

My morning routine...... Make sure to watch me and my brothers new movie when it comes out...... Six Penny's !!!!!!!

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OH POLLY 4K UNCUT / 2020 Swimwear Collection / Miami Swim Week 2019


Model Hayley Maxfield introduces the show, you can find her on Instagram (@hayleytothemax) and here on SHIFT. This is a newsworthy swimwear fashion showcase of the OH POLLY 2020 Swimwear collection, which was revealed at Planet Fashion X at Miami Swim Week, July 2019. This is a bikini swimwear show in 4K, filmed at Miami Swim Week. Our team shot this footage for you, it is 100% original footage that we edited, and chose the music to create this exclusive experience for you. We don't share it with anyone, so you know it is unique. We shoot these shows from a press media riser, so other people might publish their video from the same shows, but our footage is unique: We have the best camera angles, best quality, and our edits are fresh and exciting, truly a different viewing experience from other moda channels. Enjoy this swimwear runway show in SHIMMY SHIMMY 4K! We love it when you comment. Please like / comment and share! It really helps us grow. About us: Your media team for this video is: David, Norman, Jake, William, Siobhan and Danny. We are a bunch of tech nerds and proud of it (except for Siobhan who is our fashion stylist and keeps us from misbehaving too much). Camera and Editing by Norman Ding for SHIFT™ Start Here In Fashion Tv™ and Totally Cool® fashion news networks. SHIFT and Start Here In Fashion Tv are trademarks of, Inc. Special thanks to PLANET FASHION X Music: Traffic by Disiac Surfish by Disiac Shaker by Disiac Do You by Disiac All music is licensed by, Inc. for use in this video. Proof of license is available upon request by copyright holder.

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The Homebirth of Ravi Leon


This is the story of Ravi Leon's birth. When Jasmine and Surya asked me to be part of this special event I could only answer Yes! My feeling was that it would be an amazing birth. So it was! Witnessing this birth was something more than poetry... Passion, harmony, complicity, faith, a unique and continuous dance of two bodies (mom and dad) that accompany Ravi Leon to come into the world by choosing his moment: the warmth of the hot midday sun; a sun so dazzling as to illuminate even the shadowy parts, the sun that in its time also welcomed father Surya and mother Jasmine, the sun that brings the blessings and wisdom of our ancestors. Welcome to the world Ravi Leon, your path is blessed... Questa è la storia della nascita di Ravi Leon. Quando Jasmine e Surya mi chiesero di essere parte di questo evento speciale non potevo che rispondere sì! sentivo che sarebbe stata una nascita meravigliosa. Così è stato, assistere a questa nascita non è stata solo pura poesia ma è stato qualcosa in più. La passione, l'armonia, la complicità, la fede, una danza unica e continua di due corpi che accompagnano Ravi Leon a venire al mondo scegliendo il suo momento: quello del calore del sole di mezzogiorno; quel sole così abbagliante da illuminare anche le parti d'ombra, quel sole che a suo tempo accolse anche papà Surya e mamma Jasmine, quel sole che porta le benedizioni e la saggezza dei nostri antenati. Benvenuto al mondo Ravi Leon, il tuo cammino è benedetto... Music: Awekening - Verdell Primeaux and Johnny Mike feat. Joe Jakob Temple of Silence - Deuter Outside the realm - Big Giant Circles Sacred Stones- Sheila Chandra Nothing it Can - Helios

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La Belle Verte


La "planète verte" existe loin de la Terre. Des parents de nous, humains, en vivent, qui sont tellement développés qu'ils ont éliminé tous les appareils électriques. Au lieu de cela, ils concentrent toute leur concentration, leurs connaissances, leurs forces et leurs énergies sur le progrès de leur corps, de leurs pensées et de leurs facultés mentales. Une fois par an, les passionnés de la nature se réunissent dans un volcan éteint pour faire le point sur l'actualité, la distribution des cultures et les voyages à l'étranger. Habituellement, aucun des habitants de la planète ne veut faire un voyage sur Terre. Cette année aussi, personne ne veut mettre les pieds sur une planète si pleine de dangers et de primitivité et sur laquelle les habitants ont apparemment loué l'arrogance. Enfin, quelqu'un décide de partir en voyage: C'est Mila (Coline Serreau), dont le père a été le dernier habitant de la planète à faire le voyage sur Terre et à revenir avec elle comme un bébé. Mila aimerait donc connaître sa planète natale. Mila laisse ses quatre enfants sur la planète verte et atterrit dans une rue principale de Paris. Le choc culturel s'installe dès que Mila voit la jungle d'asphalte et est confrontée à toutes sortes de pollution de l'environnement. Lors de son odyssée à travers la grande ville, elle fait la connaissance de nombreuses personnes inconscientes, dont elle se tourne vers le positif à l'aide de petites astuces. Avec ses capacités télépathiques, elle aide les gens à se réaliser et à mieux vivre en harmonie avec la nature.

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Mistermissmissmister, 2002


A performance by Ana Borralho & João Galante Mistermissmissmister is a performative project based on the erotic imaginary. Questioning the asymmetries that regulate the social identities and the definitions of male/female, Mistermissmissmister means to cause strong emotions in the viewer by confronting him/her with characters whose bodies are extremely exposed and that show a very obvious gender/sexual ambiguity. The 3 performers (two men and a woman) are totally naked and their heads transformed through characterization and make-up so that each one has a different gender from the body he or she belongs to. Performance for 3 viewers at each time: sitting face to face to the 3 performers, the public establishes a very intimate (almost loving) and direct relationship with the performers (eye to eye), with no words and for an undetermined period, while they listen, repeatedly, to a love song with headphones (each viewer listens to his own song). It is the viewer who defines the time of the performance, the kind of relationship (by choosing a certain performer) and the moment he/she gets up and cuts off the dynamics, leaving place to another viewer. All other viewers are put waiting for a sit on the sofa, and, as in a voyeuristic game, they are free to watch the performance and the relationships established by others from the outside, choosing to later participate in the performance or not. concept, light and artistic direction Ana Borralho & João Galante performers Ana Borralho, João Galante, Miguel Moreira make-up artist Jorge Bragada co-production Centro Cultural de Belém, Eira, wid.lov, casaBranca thanks alkantara, Cristina Piedade, David Gueniot, Eira, Filipa Francisco, Helena Batista, Miguel Abreu, Olho, Patricia Leal, Rui Viana, João Garcia Miguel and Vítor Rua. performance duration 2 to 3 hours.

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The Craft of War: BLIND


Hello again everyone. About a month ago, due to a mistake on Vimeo's part, the original posting of BLIND was removed and even my account got deleted. Vimeo has apologized so everythings fine now, sort of. Unfortunately the account couldn't be restored to its original state. All of the comments, links, number of plays, and such were all lost. I apologize to anyone inconvenienced. It's a real shame because there were over 1,000 comments lost and dozens of sites linking the original video. BLIND can be viewed elsewhere but I favored Vimeo because they track plays per day. The first day of release it got 457 plays on Vimeo. The next day it got 25,400 plays! The third day it got 248,000 plays! Ending up with over 1.6 million plays before deletion. I'm kind of proud of those numbers. Not bad for an unknown guy posting his first video online. Just to be clear so BLIND isn't mistakenly deleted again, BLIND is not a gameplay video. It's a rendered animation that's similar to many CG films and television shows. The animations were made by me in a 3D application. I used game assets so I guess you could refer to it as a machinima in that sense. Most likely few people will watch BLIND here since the old link went dead but I'm reposting in case someone comes back. -------------------------- update November 1, 2009 Hey everyone, I thought I'd give an update since I still get plenty of people asking about future videos. Currently I don't have any plans to continue with The Craft of War. I've been delaying letting people know this because I didn't want to disappoint. I had thought people would forget about BLIND after a while but there seems to be a steady stream of new WoW players that see the video and ask about a continuation. Why won't I continue? It has to do with me being laid off from work earlier this year. I had to focus on finding a job so I quit WoW because, I'm sure you would agree, playing WoW takes up a lot of time, lol. Since my forced break from WoW I've lost my interest in playing although I still visit the WoW blogs and am still part of the officers mailing list for my guild. Maybe I'll find something that'll motivate me to play again. :) I think I'd have to start playing again in order to be motivated to make more The Craft of War videos. --------------------------------------------------------- update - August 1, 2010 Hey everyone. I've replied to a few emails about this but I figured others might want to know that I've been working on another animated short. Like before I'm working on it in my spare time so it's still a long way from being done. I'm attempting to create my own characters along with the animations so this is a more ambitious project than BLIND. This new animation may not be as popular as BLIND because it doesn't involve WoW but it will still be awesome. There will be action and there will be robots. Thanks, Percula credits: song "Hide and Seek" by Namie Amuro World of Warcraft models, music, sounds by Blizzard Entertainment story, animations, editing, choreography by Percula

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