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-关于本片 内容:男人与女人互相帮彼此剔阴毛。 形式:影像(这里指,“男人给女人剃阴毛时的镜头-女性的下体”与“女人给男人剃阴毛时的镜头-男性的下体”)之间的叠化,黑白效果。 分析: 中间多次的叠化:通过影像的叠化人们能看到男性与女性生殖器叠加的效果,这意味着有意地去“模糊”性别之间的差别,使之看起来像一个男人和女人构成的”中性人“。 开头和结尾:男性生殖器的勃起和“降落”(无叠化),这是作为一个女性的主观的视角。因为我是作为一个女性去创作的。 中途插入的画作的照片:带给人一些关于这个场景的幻想,增加神秘气息。 无叠化效果的剃阴毛的镜头:客观视角,录像艺术。 黑白的意义:减少色情的成分(或者说将它模糊化),增加美学成分。 影片有二十分钟左右,在不同的时间点,表达的具体含义也不一样;如同,从一个含义“渐变”到另一个含义。恰好这二十分钟的影像也总是在“渐变”。所以是形式和内容一起“渐变”。我想这大概是我想表达的,即一首诗一样的缓慢的感官享受,而不是用一个单一的没有想象空间的概念支撑一个作品。 ------- -About this film Content: Men and women help each other remove pubic hair. Format: The superimposition between the image (here, "the lens when a man shaves a woman's pubic hair-female lower body" and "the lens when a woman shaves a man's pubic hair-male lower body"), black and white effect. analysis: Many times of dissolution in the middle: through the dissolution of images, people can see the effect of superposition of male and female genitals, which means deliberately "blurring" the gender difference so that it looks like a man and a woman. "Neutral". The beginning and the end: the erection and "landing" of the male genitals (without dissolution), which is a subjective perspective as a woman. Because I created as a woman. Photos of paintings inserted midway through: bring some fantasy to this scene and add mystery. No shaving pubic hair shaving lens: objective perspective, video art. The meaning of black and white: reduce the component of pornography (or blur it), increase the aesthetic component. The film has about 20 minutes. At different points in time, the specific meanings expressed are also different; like, from one meaning "gradient" to another meaning. It happens that these twenty-minute images are always "gradient". Therefore, the form and content "gradient" together. I think this is probably what I want to express, that is, the slow sensory enjoyment of a poem, rather than supporting a work with a single concept without imagination.

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Fabian Weber's short film debut. Auditory perception is triggered by tonal phenomenona, such as language and music. These stimuli are the gateway to recent and distant memories of all kinds, the sequences of pleasant and often unpleasant experiences that shape and accompany us throughout our lives. They are part of us and make us who we are today. An emotional homage to Switzerland, nature, music and life in all its facets. Starring: Jost Wildbolz Kriss Delaye Anthony Vuignier Written & Directed by Fabian Weber Produced by Fabian Weber Film AG CREW Voice: Lisa Ambjörn Director of Photography: Fabian Weber Location Sound: Kurt Human Gaffer: Roman Brändli, Simon Wyss Cineflex: SamCam Decoration: Miriam Göldel, Marlise Isler Editor: Glenn Breda, Fabian Weber Colorist: Jürgen Kupka Sound Design: Denis Elmaci Assistents: Nora Nussbaumer, Robert Kopecky, Christian Mathis Motion Design: Beat Hösli Music: Nils Frahm (Erased Tapes), Olafur Arnalds (KobaltMusic, Universal), Jonathan Sigsworth Special thanks to: Sven Boenicke, Sandro Diener, Stephen Dormer, Lukas Schaerer, Julia Voormann Joel De Giovanni, Miriam Goeldel, Stefanie Lanz, Martin Nussbaumer, Michael Johnson, Hotel Castello, Family Weber. Family Vuignier, Family Vanderlinden, Family Goeldel, Felix Schlatter, Ivo Schwizer, Céline Nauer, Lucien Pauli, Hanspeter Koch, Matthias Hengsberger, Lea Rindlisbacher Eqal, Gemeinde La Punt-Chamues-ch, Technorama, Swiss Helicopter, Andreas Cavegn, Stefan Leang, German Wahnsinn, Fredrik Ahlm Find out more on: & A POLARWIND Production

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