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DJ Sona Skin Spotlight (Ultimate Sona Skin)

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DJ Sona Ultimate Skin Spotlight preview on PBE League of Legends,her sounds are buggy still.Price:3250RP ➲WTFast,lower your ping and lag! - http://bit.ly/WTFastLoL ►Giveaway for this video is over,winner is contacted! ●LoLeaks App● (Stay up to date with uploads) ►Chrome - http://bit.ly/AppChrome ►Mozilla - http://bit.ly/AppMozilla LoL DJ Sona LoL is still doesn't have all sounds.DJ Sona has 3 versions - DJ Sona Concussive,DJ Sona Ethereal and DJ Sona Kinetic. Join LoLeaks Army! ★Subscribe - http://goo.gl/FFh15C ►Facebook - http://goo.gl/jaHPIv ►Twitter - https://twitter.com/LoLeaks

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