3670157 Savido - Pokémon BW Rival Destinies Episode 2 - Dazzling the Nimbasa Gym!

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Pokémon BW Rival Destinies Episode 2 - Dazzling the Nimbasa Gym!

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Pokémon season 15 (BW Rival Destinies) episode 2 English dubbed PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfKqXJO88uihw4uF62z7ItyfkHA-Z9SEd In preparation for his challenge against Nimbasa Gym Leader Elesa, Ash is spending an extraordinary amount of time planning his strategy. The hard work proves valuable right away when their three-on-three battle begins: it’s Ash’s Palpitoad versus Elesa’s Zebstrika, who had defeated all of Bianca’s Pokémon the day before. Palpitoad, who’s immune to Electric-type moves, emerges victorious over the tough Zebstrika, but it’s exhausted. Ash decides to keep battling with Palpitoad anyway, and Elesa brings out her Emolga, an Electric and Flying type. Emolga manages to defeat Palpitoad, and that’s when we learn that Ash’s strategy was to count on Palpitoad’s type advantage to defeat all of Elesa’s Pokémon! After taking a surprise time out, Ash comes back with Snivy…but with its supereffective Flying-type moves, Emolga quickly takes Snivy down. Ash isn’t sure which Pokémon to use next…until Pikachu zaps him back to his senses! He brings his best buddy into the battle, and Pikachu defeats Emolga, forcing Elesa to bring out her secret weapon...the unlikely Tynamo. This tiny Pokémon proves to be powerful indeed, and Pikachu appears to be on the ropes. But Ash and Pikachu prove that their partnership is unmatched, as some quick thinking by both Trainer and Pokémon results in a unique strategy that overwhelms both Elesa and Tynamo! With the help of his trusty companion, Ash wins his fourth Unova Gym Badge!

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