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Zama Zama "Underground, where there is no light, the truth is hard to hide"

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Deep under the surface of the Witwatersrand -- South Africa's gold mining region - exists a brutal, alien world... the subterranean dimension of the Zama Zama, illegal miners that make a living by mining the ore in both operational and abandoned mine shafts. Theirs is a world of secrecy, criminal cartels and extreme violence in utter darkness. Zama Zama is the personal narrative of two brothers -- Malcolm Phiri (former Zama Zama), now a successful businessman in the mining industry, and his long lost brother Joseph Phiri, one of those who work in the disused underground tunnels -- playing off against the tension of the mines' punitive actions against illegal miners. The film explores themes of guilt, forgiveness and reconciliation taking place in this subterranean milieu. When Malcolm finds out about that his alienated brother is one of the intended victims of a planned raid Malcolm has instituted on the Zama Zama's operating in Ubuntu mines he decides to risk his high standing in society by acting to save Joseph and finally heal the hole in this life. Zama Zama is an action packed thriller where the plot revolves around moral choices: social standing and success versus loyalty to and love of family, extending to solidarity with those at the bottom of society that struggle to make a living in one of the most dangerous environments on earth. Zama Zama stars Lindani Nkosi as Malcolm Phiri, Presley Chweneyagae as Joseph Phiri and Khulu Skenjana as the cartel boss Manto. Featuring Israel Makoe, Fumani Shilubana, Justin Strydom, Lebogang Inno, Masoja Msiza and Fundo Mdlalose as supporting leads. Original film score by Zethu Mashika. The Zama Zama theme song (of the same name) features Riot (previously Bongo Riot) and Mylowe composed and produced by Zethu Mashika. Mixed and Mastered by Paul Riekert of One F Music Studios JHB. Zama Zama will be released in South Africa by Nu Metro distribution on the 24th August 2012. Released by Kokamoya Productions JHB -- Executive Producer: Lukas van der Merwe; Producer: Bertus van der Walt; Director / Screenwriter: Vickus Strijdom. PG13 V

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