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Video by racheljdillon

Barbbell Sumos! This was my last set of 10! Not going to lie, I haven't lifted near this weight for a good couple of months. Why? Because my goal has been to shape a bikini body. For me I am very leg dominant, so I stay clear of heavy compound movements leading up to stage day. In my last 4 weeks of prep i was focusing mostly on isolation and unilateral work. I think it's important to know everyone trains differently and everyone trains to suit their goal and their body type. That impressive breathing is not me unfortunately 😜 Sipping on my @ehplabs BCAAS 😈 Start your #EHPlabs journey today⤵ 👉Hit the link in bio @ehplabs_ausnz to find your closest retail store 🇦🇺 🇳🇿 👉Use my code RACHEL10 at 🇺🇸

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Video by 4biddenknowledge


This 3D Printed House Goes Up in a Day for Under $10,000. There aren’t a ton of ways to build a house other than the way houses have always been built, which is to say, by putting up four walls then adding a roof. This ages-old technique had to be modernized at some point, though, and as with everything else in our lives these days, technology’s delivering that modernization. In this case, instead of being built the old-fashioned way, houses can now be printed. Last week at the South By Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, construction technologies startup ICON and housing nonprofit New Story unveiled their version of a 3D printed house. The model is 650 square feet and consists of a living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and shaded porch. It went from zero to finished in under 24 hours, and it cost less than $10,000. Equivalent homes built in developing countries will cost a mere $4,000 each. This isn’t the first 3D printed house to spring up (or, rather, to be plopped down); there are similar structures created with similar technology in Russia, Dubai, Amsterdam, and elsewhere, but this is the first permitted 3D printed home to go up in the US. ICON’s crane-like printer is called the Vulcan, and it pours a concrete mix into a software-dictated pattern; instead of one wall going up at a time, one layer is put down at a time, the whole structure “growing” from the ground up. The printer consists of an axis set on a track, giving it a flexible and theoretically unlimited print area. #4biddenknowledge Song is 432 Hz Elevation by @4biddenknowledge and @richvagner NOW AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE

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