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Relaxing Instrumental Music - Glacier Point view - relaxdaily N°077

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A smooth and relaxing instrumental music piece with beautiful Yosemite Park video footage. Light, relaxing music that might fit your studying, thinking or mental work playlist. Or simply enjoy this calm tune as a relaxing soundtrack whenever you feel for a smooth relaxdaily style music piece ;) Artist: relaxdaily Title: N°077 Sign up for relaxdaily news here: http://relaxdaily.fanbridge.com/ Words from the creator (on the music and the video): Yosemite Park is a very special place. Maybe you can feel some of its energy while watching the video. In its first half that's more or less some dry grass waving in the wind in a wood in the middle of the park. I filmed this just last November, and in one shot you can see some snow between the grass (2m30s). Since the music (N°077) turned out to be pretty calm, I decided to go with pretty non-spectacular footage in the beginning. In the second half you find yourself at “Glacier Point”, a place with a view like from a different planet. Just in front (and below) you, the Yosemite Valley (which you actually can't see in the video), and on the other side a rock formation including the iconic “Half Dome”. To put dimensions into perspective, focus on the far away trees, that grow on the not too steep hillsides around the rocks. I was lucky to witness some blue sky that morning, since grey on grey (sky and rocks) wouldn't show the full magic of the place. Can you see that waterfall at 5m00s? Hope you enjoy the music and the vid! Michael (relaxdaily) video © 2013 relaxdaily music © 2014 relaxdaily more on: http://relaxdaily.net http://www.youtube.com/relaxdaily https://itunes.apple.com/artist/relaxdaily/id494543884

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