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Meda Ishq Vi Toon - Pathanay Khan

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Meda Ishq Vi Toon - Pathanay Khan Pathanay Khan (real name: Ghulam Muhammad; 1926–2000) was a great Seraiki folk singer from Pakistan. In 1976, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, then prime minister of Pakistan, invited him to Islamabad for a private performance. When Pathanay Khan sang "Jindrri Lutti tain yaar sajan, Kadi mor maharan tay wal a watan", Bhutto broke into tears. After the programme, the prime minister asked Pathanay Khan three times if he had any desire. Each time the singer’s reply was, "Bhutto Sahib, aap ko gharib awaam ki parat ho" (Bhutto Sahib, take care of the poor). At this, Bhutto hugged Pathanay Khan and said "I will surely take care of the poor".

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